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The Catholic Directory makes it easy to find Catholic churches and other official Catholic organizations via the web or one of our Smart Phone Apps. There are over 117,000 listings worldwide and over 22,000 in the U.S.

Free Services for Parishioners

Find a Church, School, Diocese – You can find churches, schools, Diocese, ministries and other official Catholic organizations on the Directory. Listings display Mass times by type, website, bulletins, maps, contact info, phone, language, diocese, rite, and area business advertisers who support the church.

Free iPhone & Android Apps – The Directory is also easily accessible on our mobile site or one of our popular Smart Phone Apps.

Business Finder – When viewing church listings you will see a categorized list of local and regional businesses that support that church. You can click their Web link to their business website, or if the business does not have a website you will see a small window listing information about their services, products, contact information, and any coupon they may offer. Many businesses also display a Banner Ad that will be displayed in the right column on all pages of the Directory.

Online Bulletins – Many churches upload their weekly bulletins for parishioners unable to attend Mass, seasonal Catholics, and new Catholics wanting to learn about their church.

e-Bulletin Update Subscription – When viewing a church listing you can easily subscribe to get a weekly email with a link to the bulletin notifying you when it has been updated. You can subscribe to multiple churches too. This is a great service to help parishioners stay connected to their churches.

Subscribe to the e-Bulletins!

  1. If you have not already, sign-up for a Free Account (click link top of page).
  2. Afterwards, Log In (click link top of page).
  3. Navigate to those churches you are interested in receiving an e-Bulletin.
  4. Click the Subscribe button next to the bulletin section.

That’s it your done. If you ever want to unsubscribe - just go to your member dashboard.

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