How Can You Help People Find Mass?

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You can help people find mass!
Making it easy for everyone to locate Catholic organizations and Mass times is something that each of us can do. Here are a few simple ways that you can help people find Mass.

Make sure your information is up to date.
The easiest way we can all do our part is make sure that your Diocese, Church, School or Organization listing is up to date. When viewing your listing on The Catholic Directory, you will see a button labeled "Update This Listing." If something is incorrect, simply click that button and complete the steps that follow. Updating is easy. Click here for instructions on how to update a listing.

Add your own custom Catholic Directory to your website.
That's right! We have created a simple way for you to add a customized version of the entire Catholic Directory on your own website. This gives your parishioners and website visitors a valuable Catholic resource without leaving your website. Learn more about getting your customized version of The Catholic Directory.

Use eChurch Bulletins
Over 1,800 Catholic churches currently upload their bulletin to The Catholic Directory each week as part of our eChurch Bulletins program. This is a free service that makes it possible for churches to distribute their bulletin online with very little effort. Individuals can sign up to receive a weekly email notification when their bulletin becomes available online. This is an easy, free way to keep everyone informed with what is going on in the parish. Learn more about the eChurch Bulletin service. Get started today!

Share with friends and family.
Do your Catholic friends and family use the Internet or email? Do you know fellow Catholics who travel for work? Let them know that they can get Mass times, directions, contact information and view the bulletin all from Don't forget to let them know about the free iPhone app they can download to access all this information while on the go!

Already doing your part?
Are you already helping people find mass? We would love to hear what you are doing to help. Please feel free to drop us a note and share your story. We would love to hear from you.