Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How often is the database updated?
Daily. However, with so many listings it may take 1-2 days for changes to appear.

If anyone can make changes, how do we know the information is reliable?
When updates are submitted by guests our staff carefully reviews these updates. The changes are verified by contacting the church or organization to ensure that the information is valid. If a church administrator would like to make their changes directly to the listing, the administrator must first be approved by our staff.

How do I apply for ownership of my church’s listing?
To have ownership of a listing, you must be a church administrator. This can be anyone from a secretary to a priest and is completely free. To apply for ownership, simply navigate to the desired listing and click "Update This Listing". On that page is an option to "Register to Become Administrator".

What does it mean to have ownership of a listing?
With ownership, a church administrator or representative is responsible for changes to the church listing. He or she is given login information that allows the administrator to make changes to their listing at any time without needing to wait for approval by our staff. When changes are submitted to their specific church listing by guests, the administrator is notified and can approve or reject this request.

What if the owner of a listing forgets to make updates?
Church administrators receive email reminders to update information periodically throughout the year, specifically at times of high traffic like Easter, summer, and Advent seasons. If a guest submits a change and the owner of the listing does not review it, the change will be sent to our staff for review.

How are listings added/removed from the directory?
Listing are added or removed by request. CatholicWeb Members can add a listing by logging in and submitting a New Listing. Removing a listing due to duplication or closure can be done by support ticket, or submitting a listing update and indicating that the listing is either a duplicate or has closed. Further instructions can be found on our How to Update a Listing page.

Where do I go to update a listing?
Go to and navigate to your church or organization by location. At the bottom of the listing, click the ‘Update this listing’ button. You may update as a guest by simply filling out the appropriate informational changes or as an administrator by logging into your account.

I made an update, why isn’t it showing up on the listing?
To ensure that all information in the directory is accurate, guest submissions must be verified with the church or organization before publishing updates to the website. Updates are processed daily, however with 122,000 listings, submissions can pile up quickly. Some days our staff processes over 500 listing updates. If it is during a busy time of year it may take more than one day for your change to appear.

Still have questions?
We’d love to help. Feel free to contact us!