About The Catholic Directory

The CatholicDirectory.com is a free directory of Catholic churches, schools, organizations, and supporting business advertisers. Our mission is to help people find Mass!


Parishioners worldwide use the Directory every day to connect with their churches 24x7 in order to:

  • Find Churches and Mass Times
  • View Maps and Contact Info
  • Get Weekly Bulletin Updates
  • Find Catholic Business Advertisers
  • Advanced Search Tools
Churches, Schools, Organizations

Listings include contact info, location, map, phone, website, bulletins, languages, rite, local business advertisers, Mass, Confession, Adoration, Devotion, and Confession times.

Catholic Business Advertisers

Catholics are loyal consumers who will make purchases from like minded businesses supporting the same faith and values. Parishioners can find local business advertisers who support their home church along with businesses who advertise regionally. Businesses also donate 5% of each advertising order to help churches financially.

Accurate Data

Our staff works fulltime keeping the directory database accurate by reviewing and verifying updates. Church administrators also help keep information updated along with volunteer parishioners who submit updates for review.

Traffic, Statistics

In the U.S. for 2013 the directory served 36+ million page views to 13+ million unique Catholic visitors. There are over 22,000 listings in the U.S. and over 117,000 listings worldwide.

#1 Search Engine Rankings

The directory is the highest ranked on all major search engines when searching for a Catholic church and is ranked in the top 0.0001% for Internet traffic.

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