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We note you came from a Web site hosted by! The text Ads you see on under the Featured Businesses section are a part of advertising packages.
Want more Catholic customers?
Millions of Catholics use our directory daily to connect with their local church or when traveling!
  • Ads display exactly where you do business!
  • Build your Ad online the way you want.
  • Seen by local Catholics viewing weekly bulletins, finding the church website, and when checking on special Mass times.
  • Ads also display on our popular mobile Apps at no additional charge.

All ads include:

  • Web Link of your categorized business name linking to your Pop-up Ad and/or website.
  • Pop-up Ad describing your business up to 1500 characters and you can edit anytime 24x7. Use it as your mini promotional page!
  • Coupon Feature that customers can print, email, or text your special offers.
  • Performance Tracking to see exactly how many views and clicks your ad gets.
  • Geo-targeted by Zip, City, County, State.
  • 5% of orders donated to your Church.

Add a Banner to increase Visibility!

  • Half Size (300x125 pixels)
  • Full Size (300x250 pixels)
WEB AD RATES per Year!
Churches Web Link & Pop-up w/ Half Banner w/ Full Banner
1 $50 $150 $200
2 $100 $200 $250
3 $150 $250 $300
4 $200 $300 $350
5 $250 $350 $400
6-20 + $10 ea. + $10 ea. + $10 ea.
21-200 + $5 ea. + $5 ea. + $5 ea.
Over 200 Contact Us for a custom package!

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