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  • Parishioners forgetting their church web address search online and find it via
  • Parishioners view weekly bulletins on the directory and subscribe to receive linked updates.
  • Churches link their websites to the directory for traveling Catholics (and their free hosted bulletins).
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  • Reference Source for Church Staff & Clergy
  • Find Mass Times & Worship Schedules
  • Church Websites & Weekly Bulletins
  • Directions, Maps, Phone, Contact Information
  • Easily Find Businesses Who Support the Church!
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Benefits & Features
  • High Traffic Our website traffic is
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    Helps your
    We donate 5% of your
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    A Strong, Loyal
    Catholics make purchases
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    • 56% ages 25-54
    • 60% with income $40K+
    • 53% attended college
    • 54% married

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