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Common Advertising FAQs

  • 1. Can I get a custom Ad package?
    Yes we can create custom Ad packages tailored for your business. We geo-target your Ad to display in matching locations where you provide products and services. For custom ad packages, please use our contact form or call toll free 855-867-5305.
  • 2. What are your advertising rates?
    See our rates below determined by a sliding scale based on the number of church listings you select to advertise. You will see a calculator with a total on our Ad Order page. You may also order a high impact banner for an additional nominal fee of $100 or $150 depending on size. For multi-state, national, or global packages, please contact us or call 855-867-5305.
    Build your Ad Now! (or call toll free 855-867-5305)
    WEB AD RATES per Year!
    Churches Web Link & Pop-up w/ Half Banner w/ Full Banner
    1 $50 $150 $200
    2 $100 $200 $250
    3 $150 $250 $300
    4 $200 $300 $350
    5 $250 $350 $400
    6-20 + $10 ea. + $10 ea. + $10 ea.
    21-200 + $5 ea. + $5 ea. + $5 ea.
    Over 200 Contact Us for a custom package!

  • 3. What are your payment options?
    We offer annual and monthly payments options. On Ad orders totaling over $400 we offer monthly payments and you can select this option during checkout. The initial down payment covers the first 3 months and you pay the monthly thereafter. For monthly pay, there is a 10% processing fee added to the total annual amount. Monthly plans are only accepted via credit card. Use our contact form if you have additional questions about payment options.
  • 4. What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). For your protection, your credit card information is never stored on our servers and only with our banking merchant account gateway Authorize.Net and Chase Payment Tech of JP Morgan. We also accept payment by Check or PayPal if you place your order directly with one of our account representatives. Please complete our contact form and a representative will follow up with you to place an Ad order via Check or PayPal.
  • 5. What will my Web Ad look like?
    Your business name appears as a Web Link to a Pop-up Ad with your promotional information on church listings. You may also order an optional Banner Ad for a nominal fee of $100 or $150 depending on size. You ad is prominently displayed as a Supporting Advertiser on every church listing page where you choose to advertise. If you advertise regionally (i.e. all churches in a city, county, state, etc.) your Ad is also displayed on the home page when a visitor’s location matches your targeted locations.
  • 6. Who will see my Ad?
    Using geo-location technology, your Web Ad is seen by Catholics living nearby and traveling looking up churches in the same geographic areas where you advertise. We geo-target your Ad by detecting the location of visitors starting on the home page and continue tracking locations to every church listing page. Every page of our directory will display your ad in relationship to the location of the visitor and the church address they are viewing. If your business only provides services and products in the vicinity of your local church, then you can advertise on that one church listing for only $50/year. If your business services an entire county, then you can advertise on every church listing in the county. You can choose to advertise on individual churches, or by zip codes, cities, counties, states, and even national or global placement. Regional Ads (i.e. all churches in a city, county, etc.) are also displayed on our home page when the visitor’s location matches the advertisers targeted service area.
  • 7. Who uses the Catholic Directory?
    All types of Catholics (local, remote, traveling, church staff, and clergy) use the directory to find churches in the U.S. and abroad including church Mass times, worship schedules, church Web sites, weekly bulletins, directions, maps, phone numbers, contact information, resident clergy, and more. Parishioners see Catholic friendly businesses on each church listing 24x7 via smart phones, tablets, and the Internet. Your Web Ad will reach parishioners “in the pew” and also parishioners “not in the pew” that do not make it to church or attend on a regular basis.
    • Local Catholics often do not remember their church Web address or contact information. In today’s society the most popular lookup is by smart phone, tablet, and computer via search engines. The directory is the #1 ranked Catholic Church lookup on all major search engines linking parishioners to church web sites, bulletins, Mass times, and contact information. The Catholic Directory also offers a popular free e-Church Bulletin service for churches uploading their weekly bulletin to the directory. Parishioners subscribe to receive a weekly email linking them to the church listing when the church bulletin is updated.
    • Remote Catholics residing in different areas by season rely on our directory to stay current with their church back home. These parishioners will use the directory to find a Catholic friendly business back home when needing a service or product.
    • Traveling Catholics use the directory to find churches for Mass while traveling on vacation or business. The directory is available to them 24x7 via their computer, tablet, or Smart phones.
    • Church staff and clergy frequently use the directory to find churches and refer parishioners looking for contact information for the purpose of locating Baptismal and other type of Sacramental records. Church staff and clergy are consumers too and will use the directory to find Catholic friendly businesses.
  • 8. How does a Web Ad help my business?
    Catholics are loyal consumers who make purchases from like minded businesses supporting the same faith and values. Your ad on the Directory will increase service and product sales because of the exposure you will receive to users of our Website. They will see your Ad in the areas you target and know how to contact you and visit your Website should you have one. Catholic parishioners will know you help support the Church and will reciprocate this support by doing business with you when they have the opportunity.
  • 9. How do Web Ads help my church?
    You select your church or charity at checkout and we donate 5% of your order in your name. Supporting advertisers make it possible for our services to remain free of charge for Churches and Catholics worldwide.

Build your Ad Now! (or call toll free 855-867-5305)