Helping People Find Mass!

Adding the directory is the easiest way to give your website a powerful Catholic resource and help people find Mass! Your visitors will be able to locate Catholic dioceses, churches and schools without leaving your website. Our staff and church administrators handle processing hundreds of updates each day with important information like schedule changes, Mass times, clergy, church websites, maps, bulletins, and more.

The best part is you simply paste a small snippet of code on your website. We take care of keeping the directory running and managing the listing updates.

If you still have questions, please submit a support request via or call our support staff at 877.923.0777

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you personalize our directory?
We email a special URL that will display your Website name in the header area. You may also request to customize the header area further, as well as, the area below the U.S. Map. For churches, their directory info and Mass times will also display below the home page map.

Can we use our own graphic or text for the link?
Yes, the special URL will work with our own graphic or text link.

Can I link to The Catholic Directory without using the special URL?
Yes, but will lose the benefit of keeping visitors on your Website and a personalized version of the directory.

How do visitors remain on our Website?
We email you a special URL that displays an overlay window. When visitors are finished using the directory, the overlay disappears, and your visitor remains on your Website. To see an example, click the graphic button labeled "Traveling - Find Mass Times" above.

Why do Ads display on the directory?
These Catholic businesses support the cost to maintain the directory. The Ads also support our reseller and fundraiser programs for churches, schools, and ministries. Participating Catholic sites can also earn up to 50% of any Ad order placed through their Website. (Learn more)

Can we exclude specific Ads?
Yes, you can exclude specific Ads that you consider are competitive to your organization, or feel not appropriate for your Website and audience. Please indicate which Ads you would like to exclude when signing up or corresponding with us.

How do you keep the directory updated with accurate information?
All data is reviewed and processed by church administrators or CatholicWeb staff on a daily basis. Updates are submitted directly from a church administrator (over 79,000) users of our Website (over 550,000/mo), or users of our iPhone App (over 85,000). Visit this article to learn more.

Can you provide a special link that will display a list of all churches in our diocese?
Yes, we have the ability to provide special URL’s for diocese and other organizations. Please contact us with your request.

Who can I talk to about The Catholic Directory?
Send us an email using our contact form with your name, number, and the best time to call. We look forward to talking with you and how you can Help people find Mass!